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Our Services

At Integrity Investigation Services, we render a number of services to our clients. Please feel free to send us any enquiry with regards to your requirements and objectives.

Matrimonial/Family Investigations:

Adultery/Infidelity Investigation
Employing a private investigator to check on your partner is a difficult decision, however not knowing could be more difficult. Our professional investigators will assist our clients through this process of finding out the truth in a discreet and confidential manner. Concrete evidence obtained in the form of video recordings and pictures can be use should you decide to engage a lawyer for divorce proceedings.

Pre-Matrimonial Checks
The decision of getting married is a major step. Is there anything that is puzzling to you in your relationship pattern? Our investigators will find out the truth and present the information to you through discreet investigation.

Child Movement Monitoring
Is your child often not at home or you sense that he/she is lying to you. You are anxious to know what they are up to. We will help you monitor your child, giving you timely updates of his/her happenings putting your curiosity at bay. Knowing your child activity is the first step to helping them.

Child Custody
We understand that it is never easy in a divorce proceeding, especially when a child is involved. You feel that your partner is unfit to look after your child and therefore it is up to you to prove this in court in order to gain custody.

Commercial Investigations:

Employee Movement Monitoring
Employees are a company’s main asset and when there is a breakdown in trust between the company and the employee, this asset cannot be optimised to produce best results. Run a check on your employee with us, whether you suspect that he/she is committing fraud or being dishonest and be cleared of your suspicion.

Pre-Employment Checks
Knowing a future employee's integrity is important prior to hiring especially so in a senior position. Put you and your company at ease by conducting a pre-employment check. Checks will take place on the person’s asset, bankruptcy status, employment history and even marital status. Should additional information be required, more in depth investigation may be arranged.

Mystery Shopper
Ensuring that good customer service and quality products are rendered in your business is key to success. Our investigators will feedback on their “shopping” experience updating the real situation in your business.

Insurance Fraud
Investigation on the beneficiary of a doubtful claim should be done as early as possible prior to a payout. Investigations will lead to evidence which will determine if the claimant is rightfully entitled to his claim.

Other Services:

GPS Tracking
GPS or Global Positioning System is a navigation system which provides you information on locating a target or a targeted object. This system is a very useful tool used in investigation.  

Locating Missing People
Been trying to locate someone important unsuccessfully? We may be able to assist you. This someone could be an existing debtor, lost relative or friend, ex-partner, etc... we will try our best to provide you with as much information as possible on his whereabouts.

Background Investigation of Individual
Counter Surveillances
Suspect that you are under surveillance and need to confirm your suspicion, our investigators will help clear your doubts. Counter surveillance is what we will practice to check if you are under watchful eyes through our series of well planned process.

Mobile Phone/Computer Investigation

Overseas Assignment
Though Integrity Investigation Services is based in Singapore, we have a wide network of alliances that we work with globally. Our investigators are well equipped to work overseas providing you accurate and timely results away from home.

Sweeping Services
Suspect that your office or home is being bugged? Our professional is able to resolve all your doubts.