About Us

Our Legal Consultation Department is headed by two chief consultants:-

1. Mr Christopher Tan - An Ex-NEA Legal Department's Legal Adviser who holds a Honors Degree in Law from the University of London with more than 30 years experiences in the F & B industries.

2. Mr Lawrence Teng -  Also a legally trained and licensed pioneer real estate professionals who is still currently practicing in Singapore. He is also one of the youngest founder member of IEA (Institute of Estate Agents) with more than 20 years of experiences in the real estate and property market.

Why Us ?

1. We are a more easy-to-access and a much more economical way to all your legal needs !!! As we all know , lawyers are hard to date and they charged high fees which is generally costly to the general public per se. Hence, we are the good Samaritans here to help you out with your legal woes with only a small minimal legal advice fees of $50/- an hour (Compared to at least $100-$200 or more  with a short conversation with any lawyers in singapore) and this legal advice is not just a pure advice but a genuine advice with solutions to resolve your problems as well too !!! ^_~

Our Challenge !!!

As the popular sayings goes ... Actions speaks louder than words...... Why not give us a try to see the difference in us as compared to all your past dealings with other lawyers and see to believe yourself ???!!!  

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