About US

Justone Concierge was founded in 2001 to provide a one-stop professional services to all your F & B needs in the food retail and Beverages industry and the events sector etc.

We also provide consultation, In-house training and solutions to companies who are committed to provide safe food to the general Public e.g. Basic Food Hygiene Refresher Course / Food Hygiene Audits and Food Safety Management System (FSMS).

For start-ups, we understand the importance of getting the appropriate foodshop licence on time so you can start your business legally. We also understand that as a business owner, there are other important areas that matters (e.g. manpower, purchase of equipment, ingredients etc.) just as much as getting a licence. That is why we offer to help you in what we do best, so you can focus on handling other concerns.

For existing foodshop owners, it is important to ensure safe and wholesome food for Public consumption. Compromise on food safety may result in food poisoning, which may lead to death. The company’s reputation will be affected negatively and will take a long time to regain trust from the Public. we provide comprehensive consultation and solutions to keep your company’s operation at a level to minimise the occurrence of major food hygiene lapses. 

Our company has a strong team of consultants who have acquired years of relevant experiences in the area of licensing and food hygiene. We provide professional services and advices based on our expertise, so as to ensure the approval of our clients’ foodshop licences or event permits in the shortest possible time, as well as offer a comprehensive framework of food hygiene audit and system in place for you.

We also provide other related services (e.g. renovation, IT solutions, pest control and grease trap maintenance) to complement the setup of food retail outlets or events, for new start-ups and those who may require them. Please feel free to check out our range of services here.

Here are some of our Most Popular and Sought-After Services:-

1. Application of business/events license/permits for all kinds of F & B Industries

2. FSMS/HACCP/ISO 22K implementation for caterers etc and and all "permitted-to-cater" restaurants (to be imposed as a compulsory regulations by NEA from 1st of June 2016 onwards)

3. Appeal for summons and suspensions with high success rate.

4. We also conduct, assess and certifies all food handlers for their BFHC (Basic Food Hygiene Course) & Basic Food Hygiene Refresher Course etc as our Training Arms is also a WDA Certified ATO (Approved Training Organization) capable of certifying all F&B personnels.

5. In-house training for all F&B related course upon request  (e.g FSMS, HACCP,Basic food hygiene and refresher course etc..) 

5. Upgrading your premise's grading - ( e.g from a "B" grade to a "A" grade etc...)

6. Pest control and Cleaning services. We are also licensed by NEA as a 

7. All kinds of exhaust issues - (e.g Noise / smell / heat compliant/nuisance etc...)

8. Reno & M&E works - (e.g Repair a broken wall or floor tills. clear drain chokages etc...)