Our Feng Shui Services :

 1. Life analysis and Destiny studies

 2. Selection of auspicious date and time for All Personal and business occasions (择吉日)

 3. Feng shui for business, love, study and relationship

 4. how to tap the Period "eight" (year 2004-2015) luck and wealth feng shui (八运旺财水位)

 5. Bazi Analysis

 6. Benefactor position (贵人位) – position that attracts benefactors

 7. Three positions for enhancement of wealth (三个旺财位)

 8. Prosperous position (坐旺位)

 9. Inauspicious position that impacts career, health and wealth (戊己大煞星)

 10. Feng Shui colors for enhancement of luck and destiny (风水颜色) 

 11. Wen Chang position for enhancement of memory and wisdom (风水文昌位)

 12. how to tap the wealth area of  your Home and office 

 please call for all other feng shui needs.....


PnP Fengshui Life Mastery Awareness Course -FREE !


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