Justone Concierge Services 

The one and only  one-stop "Hypermart"  in S'pore that offers a 100%  full ranges of  serrvices ranging from the alphabet "A" to "Z"  on a 24/7 basis without fail........... !!! Food & Beverages consultancy, Pest Control, cleaning, Renovation, M&E and handyman works are our most frequently sought-after services currently......!!! ^_^

What is a  "Concierge" ?

A simple word to replace the word "Concierge" is that of a "Servant" or a "Butler" per se! 

What is a "hypermarket" ?

By term and definition, a business or company can only be called a "Hypermart" if he or she can offer any services that you render it which ranges from the alphabet A to Z per se ! In short,  if you name it, they must have it ! If not, they are not deemed not to be a Hypermart per se! 

Why the need for a Concierge or Servant ?

Life, costs and standards of living in Singapore is so high and we are also too busy,  too stressed and simply had no time or very little time to do a lot of other important and meaningful things in life ! :( E.g to paint a house, to queue a whole day to buy a concert tickets for our loved ones etc etc..... :(

Hence, you definitely need a "servant' like us who is always available to you on a 24/7 basis to help you and we are just the right person for you!!! 


About Us

We are proud to introduce ourselves as the one and only Concierge "Hypermart" in Singapore today (out of about 6 other such companies in Singapore which offers only very limited services due to lack of expertise ,connections and manpower issues etc) to offer you all the help that you needed in all your daily and business life !!! ^_~

We are just like a hypermarket in Japan which sells all kinds of "products" ranging from the alphabet A to Z !!!

For us, we sells all kinds of "Services" from A to Z instead!!! You name it !!! We have it !!!  There is nothing too small for us to handle !!! Our prices are already the lowest in the market today and yet we still allow rooms for negotiations !!!  Our testimonies below  is the best proof on this !!!

We are team of specially chosen elite team of professionals, consultants who wear many hats in life (i.e jack of all trades) who are all very seasoned, experienced, street wise and holds many trade skills and licences and had been practicing in the real world for many many years with great success in short !!!  You may also wish to join our us if  you think you fits the bill too wor! ^_~ Vist our  "Careers" section for details ! 

All our services are also licensed by the Singapore Government and we are also backed by OCBC bank with a strong business current account to protect all your interests and also to give you that extra bit of confidence as our value added services to all our valued customers....!!!

Our motto !!!

In short, there is nothing that we cannot achieve here.... !!! We dare to challenge and make a difference in your life!!!  Our prices are the lowest in the market and yet still negotiable !!!  Still in doubt? Try us ! Test us ! Feel us ! and see the difference for yourself  !!! 

Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results.


"It's  really all under  one roof !!! U name it !  They have it !!!  " --  Andrew Soh, Singapore

"Their Charges are already below market  rates and still  yet negotiable !!!  it's simply AWESOME !!!!" -- Marie, Taiwan

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